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Print Envelopes & Labels Directly From Microsoft Outlook Contacts!

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Tools4Contacts for Microsoft® Outlook is an add-in that places a button within each Outlook contact and also on the main contacts toolbar for simple two click envelope and label printing. This is much more convenient than using the mail merge feature of Microsoft Word - just select your contacts and click the envelope or labels button.

All versions of Outlook from 2003 to 2021 including 365 are supported. Easy to understand printer settings and feed options that can be saved as templates make printing envelopes the simple task it should be. Selectable contact address fields so that you do not have to manually edit the delivery address.

Microsoft® Windows® XP or newer including Windows 11.
Outlook 2003 thru 2021 as well as Office 365 (32bit or 64bit versions).
Only $29.95!
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